Canada's stories. Alive online. Canada's stories are disappearing. You can help save them.
SAVEAPAGE.CA is raising money to support and a mass digitization initiative that will:
  • Give every citizen access to our cultural heritage online;
  • Help libraries, archives, galleries, museums, historical societies and institutes of record digitize their collections and put local content online;
  • Help Canadians to learn about ourselves, strengthening our identity and pride;
  • Make Canadian content on the Internet more visible;
  • Develop new audiences for Canadian content producers and creators; and
  • Fuel creativity and innovation, and create new opportunities in the global economy for future generations.
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PROGRESS The campaign to digitize Canada’s historical documents is already underway.
  • Over 400 museums, archives, libraries and galleries from coast to coast are involved.
  • Over 3 million pages are already on the web at Early Canadiana Online; 70,000 titles on microfiche are waiting to be digitized.
  • Over 250,000 images, sound files, oral histories, newspapers, books, artifacts and millions of pages of text are digitized and waiting to be uploaded.
  • Local historical societies are creating online exhibitions.
  • University archives are putting map collections online.
  • Public libraries are partnering with local archives, museums, galleries, societies and institutions to promote their communities.

SAVE A PAGE Public Outreach Campaign

Donations to will be used to:

  • Canada Online - Digitize and preserve Canadian documentary heritage such as out-of-copyright books, newspapers, periodicals, images and archival materials stored in Canada’s memory institutions, and make it accessible online.
  • Support Digi-mobiles - Travelling Digitization Labs will travel to communities across Canada to digitize documentary heritage such as letters, documents, and photographs from family collections, historical societies, museums and local archives to be placed online for all to share.
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